Meet the Selection Committee

By Melkis Alvarez-Baez, Director of Programs, Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York attachment_1 This November, three nonprofits will find out which prize – Gold, Silver or Bronze – they’ve won in the 2015 New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards. The program’s expert Selection Committee is responsible for making the decision and, before that, for choosing the semifinalists and finalists from this year’s pool of 56 applicant organizations.

In the six months leading up to the Awards Presentation, Committee members will review and score the applicants. During this three-step judging process, they will provide detailed feedback to the organizations about their management strengths and weaknesses. Individually, Committee members volunteer 80 to 100 hours a year to this process. Each year we construct the Committee to have at least four experts in each of the program’s Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence, plus some general managers. We look for experts with experience running nonprofits, supporting or funding nonprofits, and consulting with or advising nonprofits on their management practices. As such, the members of the Committee are nonprofit leaders (including past winners), consultants, capacity builders, and funders.

Over the last nine years, the Awards program has benefited tremendously from the experience and wisdom of 102 nonprofit experts in selecting and honoring the program’s 26 winners. Michael Davidson, Board Coach, holds the honor of being the longest-serving member of the Committee. He has been onboard since 2007, the program’s first year. Now chaired by Diana Davenport, VP of Administration at The Commonwealth Fund, the Committee was led in past years by Hildy Simmons and Darren Walker. So, who are the 37 individuals who make up the 2015 Selection Committee? Click here for the complete list, and check out the infographic below. 0001-19815746


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