Nonprofits: Start Your Engines!


By Patricia Swann, Senior Program Officer, New York Community Trust

The ninth cycle of the New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards program kicks off today.

Applications are available now at and are due on May 1, 2015; application clinics, which help applicants through the process, will begin later this month.

As a leading funder of nonprofit technical and management assistance, The Trust supports a lot of capacity building efforts. But few are “Trust-branded” like this awards program.  Why is this one so important? There are a few reasons:

  1. An organization can have an amazing program, dedicated staff, and a charismatic CEO. But if the organization isn’t run well, eventually it will hit a plateau. Every group needs strong management to best serve clients, keep revenue sources diverse, and be open to the right opportunities.  This program helps nonprofits in New York City, Long Island and Westchester improve their management practices.  Over 2,000 area organizations have been helped over the past eight years.
  2. The program suits our all-inclusive approach to grantmaking – nonprofits who have applied and improved their management practices as a result of the program have included a mix of large and small groups, service and advocacy organizations, well-established and young nonprofits, with a variety of missions and working in different issue areas.
  3. It lifts up and rewards the overwhelming majority of nonprofit organizations that strive for excellence in management while simultaneously educating the New York City area’s nonprofit and philanthropic leaders about effective nonprofit management practices.

All this is why we are proud to join co-sponsor Philanthropy New York, media sponsor WNYC, long-time supporters the Clark and Ford Foundations, Google, McGladrey LLP, and Columbia Business School, which provides scholarships to its Social Enterprise Programs to winning organizations.  Two special shout-outs: first to selection panel members who toil long and hard throughout the three-stage review process, and second to the NPCC staff who make it all flow so smoothly.


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